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Nanjing GB Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. is registered in a historical cultural city: Nanjing City; in 2012, it was relocated from Nanjing Huafu Mansion to Su’nan famous industrial city: Wuxi City. It is adjacent to Huning railway line and Huning expressway in the North and connected with Xiyi in the South; Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the company; it has a distance of 230km from Nanjing Airport, 150km from Shanghai Airport and 15km from Wuxi Airport—It enjoys very convenient traffic conditions.

Over the development of past five (5) years since its incorporation, the company strictly adheres to the principle of “focus on knowledge, respect talents, depend on high-quality service and adopt scientific and technological development as orientation”; 32 professional young technical personnel have become the development dynamic of company. The company attaches great importance to introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technologies and has successively launched out cooperation and technical exchange with domestic famous design institute and foreign partners; undergone digestion, absorption and second development and gradually establish a set of product technical series and management model. It has invested and built up the auxiliary computer design system which greatly accelerates the product design quality, design speed and standardization. The process design, raw materials inspection, production planning, manufacturing, normal production, installation and commissioning are strictly controlled. It constantly enhances the equipment strength, improves manufacturing process and inspection and acceptance methods and upgrades the product quality. The company has successively established the physical and chemical laboratory and outsourced products inspection center and possessed of the integrated inspection ability for outsourced products and raw materials. According to the foreign technical features and enterprise product properties, it has established standard tooling development and composite clamp fabrication system, adopted photoelectric track cutting and CO2 protective welding and thus upgraded the product quality.

Within a short period of time, Nanjing GB has taken advantage of powerful technical strength and advanced tooling equipment and made product quality reach a new level. Today, it is able to design and manufacture logistics equipment and non-standard equipment in various models and specifications according to the client’s specific requirements. The products cover above ten industries such as project machinery, motor cycle, motor, engine, automobile, automobile components, power equipment and household appliance. \

Currently, it is possessed of 9 management personnel, 13 mechanical and technical personnel and 10 electrical engineers—All of them are experienced technical cadres; 80% of total personnel have once worked in domestic famous transportation companies. The company has launched out close cooperation with numerous foreign companies in Japan, Korea and USA and dedicated to new technical development.

The company is mainly engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and modification of transportation equipment and automatic equipment in set. The products mainly include chain conveyor, roller conveyor, plate type conveyor, power & free chain conveyor, trolley system, DT 100/DT 160 ground push type conveyor chain, coating equipment, goods shelf pallet, electrical control equipment, robot materials burdening and delivery system, MES system, ANDON system, AVI system and upper computer surveillance system; besides, it is dedicated to the research, development, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of other logistics equipment.

Nanjing GB Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly specializing in the household appliance industry, motor cycle industry, automobile industry and components industry. It has cooperated with domestic large and medium-scale automobile, automobile components, motor cycle and household appliance manufacturers such as Chang’an Automobile, Chang’an Foton Automobile, Changcheng Automobile, Changchun FAW Sedan, Changjia New Energy Automobile, Dongfeng Nissan Automobile, Hainan Mazda, Yangtze New Energy Automobile, Sichuan Automobile, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, Jialing Chuanjiang Automobile, Tianjin Fujitec Motor Cycle, Changzhou Haojue Motor Cycle, Chongqing Jianshe Motor Cycle, Shenzhen Huawei Electronics, Hangzhou Huikang Refrigerator, Wuxi Electrical Equipment and so on. The products are highly recognized by the clients.

The company adopts design, management and after-sales service as the core competitiveness, establishes a competent team, launches out delicate and sincere cooperation and provides the clients with satisfactory products and after-sales services.


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