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Ground pushing conveyor

The horizontal ground pushing conveyor is developed by referring to the design and manufacturing technology of the overhead conveyor and based on the urgent demands of such type of conveyor in the domestic market. This conveyor can be widely used in the working occasion where many kinds of work are carried out mainly by the conveying of small ground process vehicles and equipped with other auxiliary devices. In a complicated system, it’s able to be controlled by micro-computer or PC to realize automatic conveying.

It has characteristics of the following aspects.

1. The conveyor is set below the ground and the ground has no steel support, therefore it has no special requirement for plant structure. The dimension of the track section is small. Even if the track should be set on the ground for special requirements, the support structure is also simple.

2. Different from other types, this conveyor can have no bearing track but only the pulling track supported by the ground and the small process vehicle can be pulled by the chain. Therefore, the track can have a long service life, high reliability and can pull vehicles with heavy load. Vehicles of 2t or much heavier vehicles can also choose corresponding type. It has advantages such as compact structure, stable operation, large conveying ability (can reach 1,000t/h at most), long conveying distance, high temperature resistant, etc.

3. Operators can get close conveying work pieces from all directions and even operate on work pieces, which make the operation convenient.

4. The operation is stable and the machinery noise is low. Small process vehicles can work and withdraw at any time.

5. When used in the warehouse storage system, it can circulate the vehicle stream automatically.

6. The system adopts the regional wiring without a division of main and standby wires, which can improve the transmission speed and reduce the length of circular chain without the problem of synchronization of drag of multi-machines.

7. Because of the above characteristics, the ground power and free drag chain conveyor is often used in the distributed system of ground warehouses and cold storages and in the production line of test, coating and assembly of generator, transformer, automobile, etc.

8. According to customer’s requirements, it’s able to have a selection of many types.

         1、 Weight of conveying carriage: 100-2,000kg

         2、 Operation speed of conveyor: 1-12m/min (optional)

         3、 Chain breaking tension: 20KN

         4、 Traction force of driving device: 12KN- used for angle driving device, 18KN- used for straight line driving device

         5、 Push head trolley distance: 6t, 8t, 10t, 12t, and 14t.

         6、 Carriage trolley distance: 4t (t=102.4mm) and 6t (t=153.2mm)

         7、 Horizontal turning radius of track:

                Air rejection line: R≥600

                Traction line: R≥1,200 (R1500, R2000, R2500, R3000)

                Vertical turning of track: R2000×15*° 



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